Some Details about the KFS WebSDR Server

This WebSDR server system is located near Lobitos Creek on the Pacific coast, six miles south of Half Moon Bay, California, USA. This RF quiet location is in maidenhead grid square is CM87tj02; the coordinates are 37° 23' 6'' North, 122° 24' 45'' West. Pictures of the site, courtesy of Hal, KK6HY, are here.

The system receivers are fed signals from a TCI model 530 Log Periodic Antenna (omni, 6 db gain) located on a 150 foot cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Antenna and rack space facilities are provided as a public service by Globe Wireless Radio Services.

As of an upgrade in March, 2022, the individual receivers are SDRPlay RSP1a units which use custom drivers to allow a 16 bit signal pathway with RF AGC, and the use of band-specific RF filtering helps to assure maximum dynamic range and signal handling capability. The WebSDR itself is running on a server-grade Dell computer.

Antenna and rack space facilities are provided as a public service by Globe Wireless Radio Services. Software for the WebSDR server was written and is maintained by Pieter, PA3FWM. Peter maintains a list of active WebSDR servers and a FAQ page.

For more information visit the What's New page.

To view the system maintenance log, click here. The system operator, Craig W6DRZ, greatly appreciates the technical assistance provided by Bob KO6AQ, Hal KK6HY, Paul W7JVY, Steve W7RNA, and Ken WB6CNI. Comments and questions are always welcome. Please email Craig.

Tips for using the KFS WebSDR server, mobile version:

- If you cannot see the entire amateur band, try the zoom out feature to get your bearings.

- Drag the waterfall with your finger to tune in a station, or use the arrow buttons.

- If you lose audio, refresh your browser and press IOS audio start to restore.

- If the page freezes, I may have restarted the WebSDR server. Just refresh your browser to resume.

- To conserve our shared internet bandwidth, one connection per user, please.

- Your IP address details are logged for every connection, so please play nice.

- Please disconnect when you are finished using the system. Thank you.

Your contribution will help offset this WebSDR's operational costs. Any support is appreciated.
Thanks & 73, Craig, W6DRZ